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25th to 27th September 2020 in the Music Youth Hostel Wernigerode

Guests of Honor 2020 are: TJ & Mitchell Burnside-Clapp (USA)

Registration for 2020 will open soon - and will be announced on all social media channels and on the FilkCONtinental mailing list.

A special con for all bards of the future, minstrels of the past and musicians of the present. A con for music-loving ScienceFiction and Fantasy fans with a liking for folky sound, handmade music, but also for parodies or catchy rhythms. Workshops about music (and sometimes even more unusual subjects) are likely to catch your attention. Be surprised! A con to singalong or to just listen and watch.

For further information look here: NEWS...

Only 118 days left to FilkCONtinental!

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