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Membership fee | accomodation | waiting list | Conditions of participation
(online) registration forms

Please note:
Due to fluctuations in the currency exchange rate we have only listed the EURO rates this year. Please contact us for the current rates. We reserve the option of adapting membership fees and other costs according to the current rate.

Membership (whole weekend) per person kids & plush toys
full membership 50.00 EUR
supporting membership
(includes the Online-PRs, a badge and the programme book (print))
Germany: 15.00 EUR
Europe: 20.00 EUR
World: 25.00 EUR


Accomodation / meals 2022  per person  per child
 (3-5 yrs)
 per child
 (6-17 yrs)
Friday - Sunday
(Full board Friday dinner til Sun. lunch)
94 € * 88 € 92,50 €
Friday - Monday
(Full board Friday dinner til Mon. breakfast)
134 € * 125 € 129,50 €
Friday - Tuesday
(Full board Friday dinner til Mon. breakfast + Tue. breakfast)
174 € * 162 € 168 €
 Bed sheets in price included - but please bring your own towels!!!
 visitor's tax in price included
 Additional fee for Single Room*   13 € per night
 Additional fee for Twin Room*   3,50 € per night/person
Additional meals   7 € per meal

* During the pandemic, there may be additional costs for single travelers due to single and double room surcharges.

** All who have kids between 3-12 years in age: please contact me!

Children under the age of 16 do not need to pay the membership fee, but the youth hostel costs have to be paid.
Officially ALL attendees are charged the same for accomodation - usually cheaper tarif for cultural groups - but unfortunately for families that includes children, thus there are no reduced fees for kids! The small difference between kids, minors and adults in pricing only is due to the local tourist tax.

Kids under the age of 3 are free, however it is mandatory that they are registered.   It counts the age of the children at the time the event takes place!
* Since there is a limited contingency of single or twin rooms, we have to prioritize depending on individual needs (guests, small children, health problems). If, afterwards, single or twin rooms are available, we will contact people who asked for those rooms, shortly before the con. Only then, the additional fee is charged!

We do prefer that you register for your convention online. It makes things easier for us. :)


* You need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded here:
Adobe Acrobat Reader

If you prefer to not register online, please send your signed registration form to :

Kirstin Tanger 
Am Rosenhag 24a
D - 12623 Berlin 
Phone: (+49)-30-49766569 (with answering machine)

Bank account: 
Sadly, we have had bad experiences with having the account number online. Please write a mail to Kirstin;
we will give you the bank details asap.  
For American members, we can offer payment through an American bank account. Please let us know if you want to make use of making a deposit into that account, and we will let you have the details.

We will send you a registration confirmation after receipt of payment (con and hostel), with our PR2. 

Registration deadline is July 15, 2022

Terms & Conditions of Participation

Due to organising and insurance coverage reasons all participants have to accept the following conditions: 

1. The personal data of con members will be stored electronically, but will not be passed on to third parties, except as legally required (usually only by government/police) - and probably also for tracing a CoVID19 outbreak during/around the convention.

2. Registration will not be valid before registry form (duly filled in ) and money (con fee and accommodation) have reached the Registration. Accommodation must be paid in advance and must be paid within 14 days (until July 15, 2022 at the latest – should there be still memberships available at that time) of the registration form reaching us. If no money reaches us within this time, the membership will be invalid.

3. A cancellation can only be refunded until July 15, 2022. For a later cancellation the money paid in will be forfeit. Passing on one‘s membership after the final date is possible under the conditions stated above. For registry changes we reserve the right to charge a fee of EUR 10.00.
2022: Only this year we can reimburse the youth hostel costs if you cannot attend the convention due to illness - if you cancel 7 or more days before the convention.

4. The committee member taking care of registration has to be informed in writing (by post/ by e-mail) about the cancellation / exchange.

5. You will have to follow orders by con orga and youth hostel personell. Attendees who do not not follow safety regulations, endanger others or do not follow orders can be banished from the convention and hostel.
Members are liable for any damages they cause during the event. This goes equally for financial loss, damage to property, bodily injury or claims for indemnification concerning copyright breaches.

6. Harassment of any kind is not tolerated. If you feel that you are being harrassed, or if you notice someone behaving inappropriately (such as violating youth hostel or convention policies) we suggest that you please come talk to any FilkCONtinental concom member. Please understand that unless we learn about an incident during the convention, we cannot take any action (such as trying to solve the issue or possibly excluding the harasser from the event).

7. Youth hostel rules must be followed. Breaking youth hostel rules may result in expulsion from the event. The current information and rules can be seen here and must be accepted:

8. As convention organizers we have to obey to the legal requirements - and also have to enforce (some of) them. Not following those requirements means having to leave the convention rooms.

9. To guarantee the best protection for all attendees our non-public event under 2G plus (2G+) rules. This includes children of age 12 and over (according to StIKo recommendation). Please present a current CoVID19 test (younger than 24h) and your inoculation documentation at the registration desk.

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