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Playlist 2002

Alle unten aufgeführten Songs wurden auf der FC 2002 gespielt und sind für die betreffenden Interpreten von Volker zu bekommen. Es ist keine vollständige Playlist, aber alle diese Songs wurden mitgeschnitten und sind vorabgemischt.
Sibylle Machat (Freitag Abend)
Anke Teschke
- Ingold/Barbara Hambly
- Foreign Place
- Rich me your poor
- Der Tag an dem Daniel mal wieder die Welt gerettet hat
- Penguin Matchmaking Song
- A Devil in the Skies
- Where's the Captain gone?
- Secrets
- Second Hand Songs
- Star Song
- Absolutely Bonkers
- Precious Moments
Al Ric & the Halfling Asassins
- Rock on Sauron
- Ring Riders in the Sky
- Your Brandybocks by name, londeneer
- Ich bin ein Dunkelzwerg
- Baby is a Warhammer now
- Should I slay or should I go
- Dieser Oger-Blues
- Ring im Feuer
- O Slaneesh I'm in Love With You
Kinders & friends (Samstag)
Lord Landless
- Come with me, fly with me
- Skalish
- Song for the one, who's always been there
- The time with him
- Memory's Lost
- Göttin höre, wenn Deine Tochter ruft
- I'ts okay if you want to throw yor child out of the window
- Darkness and Light
- Leben, Licht und Schatten
- Varil / Is This Me
- Hunting Song
- Ragnarök
- Lament of a Mother
- Boromir/Gollum
- Lied der Windreiter
Main Concert
- Alexa: Buffy OmwF: Let Me Rest in Peace
- Alexa+Christine: Buffy OmwF: Under your Spell
- Kirstin: The Grey Wanderer
- Kirstin: Avenging Angel
- Christine+Alexa: Hammerfall
- Christine: One Bye One, Only the Good Die Young
- C.J.: Slayer Prayer/Giles Song
- C.J.: Feed me!

- GKs: The Long Road
- Anja: Shadows/Journey to Rivendale
- Rika: Too Many Miles
- Phil: Vindrels Song
- Katy+Ju: Be Our Pilot, Love
- Katy+Ju: Tonight
- Kathy Sands+Valerie: Don't Touch That Whattsit
- Kathy Sands: In the Djungle
- Esteban: FilkCONtinental
Pug & Shaya Summer and Fall (E. Wiest + C. Blum)
- Song Without a Name
- Vorfrühling
- Fly
- Broomstick-Song
- Jura
- Zauberharfen-Ballade
- To Run With the Wolf
- Ballade vom Winterland
- Klippen der Zeit
- Balalaika, Balalaika
- Matter of Delaying
- Song of Summer's End
- Crossroads
- Kilkenny Island
Valerie Housden
- In Holywood
- Death Must Have a Reason
- Blue Flames
- Ein selbstgeschriebenes Lied
- The Cat's Complaint
- Following in Valentina's Footsteps
- Morning Star
- The River is So Long
- For Magnus, wherever you may find him
- From Hell
- Tender Hearts
- The Crowd Sang Waltzing Mathilda
- Tomorrow's So Far Away
- A Mind Such As Mine
- Lone Days
- ...makes me sad
- Starlight Casts No Shadows
- The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress
- Moments Lost in Time
- New Horizons
- Dragonsong Is In The Air
- Boy in a Room
Pegasus Nominee Concert
- Katy+Ju: A Thousand Ships
- Christine: The Lady
- Rika: Red Roses
- Rika: Solar Gypsy
- Katy: Velvet
- Rika+Ju+Katy: The Dark Man
- Ju+Katy: Hellraiser
- Rika: In a Gown Too Blue
Kjenjo (Sonntag)
Sunny & Tju
- The Mad Lady and Me
- Ride On
- Stein auf Stein
- Bog down the Valley-O
- Es führt über den Main eine Brücke aus Stein
- Ist Euer Sang verklungen
- The Last Two Island Swans
- Praise Yee The Lord, Halleluja (Taize)
- Die Ballade vom Brennettelbusch (nach einem Gedicht von Börries Freiherr von Münchhausen, 1857)
- Universe Of Sadness
- Erryn's Dilemma
- Led Astray
- Asleep At Last
- Silverwind
Gary McGath
- Mad Scientist's Love Song
- The Imperial Polka
- The Program
- Belle Stau
- Eternal Dutchman
- Lord Evil High Genius / Make Beanies (from the 2004 Filkusical)
- Die Filkerei
- A Greater Magic
Minstrel & Patchwork
- Song of the Fremen
- What Is Men
- Electrons Dancing
- October Song
- Old Friends/I'll Be There For You
- Boy In A Room 1.1
- Tell Me Is This Heaven
- Hurricane
- On the Horizon
- Wake-Up Call
- Forever Gone
- Painted Black/None Of Us
Request Concert
- Sib: Penguin Matchmaking Song
- Aryana: The Sacred Swans
- Aryana+Kinders: It's Okay If You Want to Throw Yor Child Out of the Window
- Magician+Valerie: Arden
- Rika: Windwalker
- Rika+Phil: Grief in Litte Pieces
- Tju: Awakened
- Summer+Fall: Klippen der Zeit
- Lord Landless: Die Flagge des Roten Todes
- Anke: Fischsalat
- Franklyn+Alexa: Heißer Sand
- Harmony Workshop: Though Philomela Lost Her Love

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