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Guests of Honor: TJ & Mitchell Burnside Clapp

TJ and Mitchell Burnside Clapp have been writing and singing filk songs since before they knew of each other’s existence (and before they even knew what filk music was).

In over 30 years of their marriage, they have appeared as guests and performers at conventions all over North America and most of the rest of the world. (They’re still working on South America and Antarctica.)

They are each Pegasus Award recipients: TJ for her performance work with the trio Technical Difficulties, and her songs "Lullaby for a Weary World” and “Weekend Only World”; and Mitchell as a performer and for his apocalyptic sing-along song “Falling Down on New Jersey.”

They currently reside in the Washington, DC region, and are delighted to be the Guests of Honor at FilkCONtinental, their first filk convention in Germany!

>> Special Guests: Linda Melnick &Jean Stevenson

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