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The Joey Shoji Collectible Action Figures

 Every filker loves our series of amazing, collectible filk action figures.  Now Playfilkers brings you a whole new series to collect and love: The Joey Shoji Filker, Collectible Action Figures.

 The Joey Filker features a fine Asian complection, inscrutable dark eyes, and firm springy black hair (suitable for styling), on a muscular body, with authentic dimpled knees.  His expressions vary from serious to a dazzling smile.  The imbedded programmable sound chip offers a multitude of options from serious conversation to insidious punning, hearty laugh, giggles and signature, „It’s pretty okay."

 Of course, the Joey Filker is programmed with the elegant tenor voice with amazing countertenor option (only on select figures), and several thousand songs.  The Joey Filker  comes attired in intriguing T-shirt (varies from figure to figure), running shoes, and short pants, with sweat shirt for colder days.  But there’s more!  The Basic Joey Filker also comes with guitar, knapsack and stacks of authentic filk music, simulating a collection more than twenty years old!

 To experience the full Joey Filker, you can also collect this amazing series of sets that will take you through Joey’s world:

  •  Ice Cream Joey, complete with small ice cream parlour, scoop, 49 flavours of international ice cream, three cones options and miniature dishes and spoons.  Optional guest figures are available to complete this set. Chip program includes: „Mmmmm, smooth, sweet, creamy... what could match this?" and „Was this ice cream made from milks from local cows?"

  • Chocolate Joey, wears tasty chocolate brown silk lounging pyjamas. This figure has a real chocolate cookbook and a selection of samples from select chocolatiers around the world Chip program features „Chocolate, it’s never unfaithful to me" and other comments

  • Gourmet Joey comes complete with restaurant and eclectic menu and companion waiter figure (cute). Says things like: „Yes, I really do want dessert first," „Was the bread hand-kneeded or from a dough-hook?" and „What IS that subtle flavouring in the cabbage? Could that be...  cider vinegar!?".

  • Star Trek Fan Joey has a bright authentic Star Trek T-shirt and wrist watch.  Optional extras include the Federation Science Exhibit (sold separately) where Joey says „Can we get these kids out of the way so I can play too?" and „Oh, wow...."  This set comes with full size cardboard Spock, a large-scale replica of the Enterprise (suitable for hanging from the ceiling), and a set of Star Trek Sheets.  Also features copies of the Star Trek books with appearances by Admiral Shoji.

  • Tourist Joey comes with camera and multiple scenes.  For example, the Niagara Falls set includes waterfall, Maid of the Mist Tour boat and bright blue poncho.  Joey says „Great animatronics."  The Grand Canyon set has vistas of the sun setting over the canyon, sweater; Joey says „That’s a pretty good matte shot!"

  • Wells Fargo Vice President Joey is a realistic depiction of the computer systems division of a major bank, with cubicles, multiple computers, etc.  Nearly unique among the collection, this set features short-sleeved dress shirt (with pocket protector) and long pants. Joey says „Nyah, it’s only work"For mature buyers.

  • Music and Book Critic Collector Joey features a comprehensive knowledge of recorded and live music, and writing, with hundreds of CD’s, tapes, books, magazines all in a charming loft condominium.  This figure demonstrates taste that is virtually unfailingly right on the money.

  • Gay Pride Joey walks proudly in the annual San Francisco event, wearing his gay pride button, the t-shirt from Christopher Street and an optional gorgeous black dancer action figure companion. Soundtrack by Romanovsky and Philips.

  • Harmony Slut Joey is the ultimate collectible.  This Joey features a recording studio, literally dozens of filk recordings and other optional Filk Action Figures like Cynthia McQuillin, Kathy Mar, Larry Warner and dozens of other (other figures sold separately).  Also comes with authentic button: „Harmony Slut: I’ll sing with anyone!"

  • And many more to come!
  • Collect the entire set.  Available for a limited time only at Filk Continental, 2000.  Don’t miss this opportunity.

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