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Harz Mountain Area

In the Harz mountains and its spurs you can find a lot of interesting sightseeing targets - there is much to see and to visit! For anyone interested in the beginnings of german history, in german myths and legends or just in wonderful nature this area is one of the best places to be. So plan to stay a few more days before or after the con!

Quedlinburg ((the whole inner city is UNESCO World Heritage)

distance: 34 km

Millennial Town and UNESCO-World Heritage Town.
Anyone interested in German or European history simply cannot leave out Quedlinburg. Following the tracks of the Ottonian emperors you can visit the graves of King Heinrich 1st and his wife Mathilde, the cathedral treasure with jewellery, relics (including 1750 year old bible manuscripts) and exceptionally preserved 800 year old handwritings of Carolingian bookmaking craft.
In the old town consists of 1300 half-timber-houses from six centuries The Quedlinburg Roland at the town hall dates back to 1430 A.D. and is one of the town's landmarks. Quedlinburg (and its surrounding area) also is a polular movie set. In recent days Das kleine Gespenst, The Physician, Goethe or Die Päpstin (Pope Joan) - but that dates back through all its history including lots of movies from the GDR era.

Gardeners might recognize the name from Quedlinburgs seeds trade which dates back to medieval times. Nowadays it stays strong to its traditional roots in conventional seed cultivation and rules out use of gene manipulation or manipulated material.

Quedlinburg Castle / Schlossberg
Throning high above the city on a sandstone rock mointain you can see the cathedral (a collegiate church). It is Quedlinburg's main landmark and it's more than 1000 years old! Within the cathedral you can find the cathedral treasure, exhibitions and galeries. (Closed on mondays - further information on opening hours and entry fees...)

Café Vincent - *THE* cheesecake bakery
On every day at 11:00h the cheesecake bakery next to the castle mountain opens its doors and offers all sorts of selfmade cheesekake, which vary over the seasons, in sweet or substantial or warm. You can enjoy the cake within the quaint cafe (depending on wheather the castle's forecourt might be a bit too cold in October) or simply buy some to take home. 'Til today there are more than 130(!) different varieties of cheesekake - and all are just way too delicious!

Thale - Bodetal, Rosstrappe & Hexentanzplatz

distance: 31 km

According to ancient legend the witches are dancing each year on the witches dance ground (Hexentanzplatz) - which nowadays is re-imagined in a festival each Halloween. But all 'round the year the Hexentanzplatz in Thale is a popular destination for a day trip for other festivals, or to visit the zoo or the summer sledge run. Up there is the Harzer Bergtheater (harz' mountain amphitheatre) with a spectacular view off the mountain into the plains of eastern Germany - and of course theatre plays for small and grownups, e.g. Tintenherz (Ink Heart), Dracula, Pippi Langstrumpf and similar.

You can ride up to the plateau by car from the Bode canyon. For hikers it is a real treat to walk along the river Bode from Thale via Altenbrak and Königshütte towards Osterode (100 km). We recommend to do a small but doable (even for non-athletes) 3km tour into the primal canyon along the river to the Bodekessel (rapids), and then back, mabe stopping by at the "Kleinen Waldkater" where you are served hearty meals.

Opposite to the Hexentanzplatz there is the "Rosstrappe" (steed's hoofprint), where according to myth king's daughter Brunhilde, fleeing from giant Bodo made her horse do a giant leap from the cliff onto the opposite canyon side (near Hexentanzplatz). So hard that you can still see the hoof's print there today. And if you look closely enough you can see the crown she lost during the jump glittering in the waters below - which are named Bode after the giant who stumbled and fell to his death into the river below...

If you want to see the gorgeous place yourself: you can drive up there from the back serpentining up, use the chair lift or take the slightly demanding hike up the canyon slopes from Bode canyon.

Teufelsmauer (devil's wall)

distance: ca. 30 km

The Teufelsmauer (devil's wall) is a 30km long formation of sand stone, surfacing three times between Blankenburg and Ballenstedt.
Maybe the best known is the part in Weddersleben (you can see on the photo) which is easily reachable by car and a short walk. The cliffs are home to birds of prey who are nesting there while allowing a great and easy view for ornithologists. The region around the Teufelsmauer in Weddersleben is one of the oldest nature reserves in Germany. One memorial along the hike shows that Goethe (in 1784) and the Brothers Grimm visited the Teufelsmauer - and that it found its way into their works.

Wild West Town Pullmann City

distance: 28 km

The Wild Wild West (as percieved by regular German TV audience) is located in Harz mountains! Well, at least you could think that if you visit this theme park: cowboys riding and native indian warriors through the main street of a US western stage set, shows featuring buffalos, or dogs and horses doing tricks, trick lasso handling, comedy - and some museum exhibitions and reenactment installations. If you want to stay you can rent log cabins.

Museum Mine 3 Kronen und Ehrt

distance: 14,5 km

For those who are not claustrophobic visiting an underground mine is a really impressive experience! The Museum Mine "Drei Kronen & Ehrt" is a former iron ore mine where you can do a tour 4 times a day with a former mine worker as tour guide, explaining history and inner workings of an actual ore mine. You explore the mine shafts at first via mantrip (underground mine train), then by foot - and lots of the machinery and its function is shown working.

(reservoir dam of the Rappbode river)

distance: 21 km

The Rappbodetalsperre is Germany's highest and biggest water reservoir and is used for electricity production and flood protection. While the biggest it is not the only one in the Harz mountains. A whole system of reservoirs and dams spreads across all the mountain area. If you are in for scenic views, the Wendenfurthtalsperre and Zillierbachtalsperre reservoirs might be interesting to you.

Tropfsteinhöhlen Rübeland
(limestone caves with stalactites and stalagmites)

distance: 16 km

In the small village of Rübeland there are Germany's oldest and most beautiful limestone caves open for visitors that show featuring crystal caves, stalactites and stalagmites.

In the "Baumannshöhle" there is the "Goethesaal", a cave used as natural theatre and concert stage deep within the mountain. The walk through this cave is about 600m in horizontal distance - and 300 stair steps.
On the opposite side of the canyon there is the "Hermannshöhle" which features the crystal cave (a giant geode cave), a pleistocene bear cave graveyard and an underground lake with olms / protea.

Museum for Glass Art

distance: 11,2 km

Ever tried to do glassblowing? You can try in the glass manufatcuring exhibition "Harzkristall" in Derenburg. The workshop is supervised by experienced craftsmen and takes about one hour until you have created your own glass bulb. Pre-booking is recommended, but if the workshop is not booked out you can jump in spontaneously. And of course you can sdo shopping in the adjacent glass and crystal shop. Especially the small glass figurines are dangerous if you tend to fall for such knicknack. ;)

Halberstadt Cathedral and Cathedral Treasure

distance: 28 km

If you liked the Quedlinburg cathedral treasure the few kilometers to Halberstadt won't deter you from this worthwile visit. Especially as it is conveniently located on the way from FilkCONtinental to Berlin. ;)

Cuckoo Clock House in Gernrode

distance: 46 km

One of the most well known items of German cozi...kitsch are cuckoo clocks. And in Gernrode is the world's biggest cuckoo clock outside of the Black Forest! There you can have a loot at cuckoo clock production, visit a course and built your own cuckoo clock - or simply of course buy one.

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