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Guests of Honor: Playing Rapunzel | The Stone Dragons | W. Scott Snyder

Guest of Honor (USA): W. Scott Snyder

Scott Snyder is a musician, songwriter and "sound guy" from Austin, Texas.  He discovered filk in 1994 and was amazed to realize the songs he'd been writing most of his life had finally found an appreciative audience.  His first album (on cassette!) called "Bardic Lug" was released in 1997 and contained many of the songs he had written previous to even knowing what "filk" was.
Not being one to rush into things, his second album "Rock and Roll to Hit" was released in 2015 to a single rave review.   Scott is a serious gamer, and "Rock and Roll to Hit" is a collection of songs all centered around games and gaming.

His musical style is rather unique: high energy rock and roll with a side of Bluegrass and Country!

When not making music, he's stuffing himself with German "Marmelade" and pretends to be a former U.S. President, declaring himself to be a jelly doughnut.

I am very excited to be invited to FilkCONtinental, and hope everyone has a great time!


Photographs by Kirstin Tanger

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